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Unlock the Enchantment of Halloween with Giovanni's Gelato in Milton Keynes

Luxury Vegan Waffle Gelato cones from Giovanni's

As the leaves turn golden and the air carries a hint of autumn's magic, Giovanni's Gelato in Milton Keynes welcomes you to our Halloween Showcase Cabinet, a place where flavour and fantasy collide. This year, we've summoned three extraordinary gelato creations that are sure to cast a spell on your taste buds:

1. Speculoos Halloween Special 🎃 - A Taste of Autumn's Magic

Indulge in the enchantment of autumn with our award-winning Lotus Speculoos gelato. Here, the rare "Queen of Apples" from the Campania region of Italy (P.G.I. Southern Red Campanian Melannurca) takes center stage, artfully rippled through the velvety gelato. To elevate the magic, we've infused this mesmerising combination with cinnamon, crafting a flavour that truly embodies the essence of the season. It's an extraordinary taste you won't want to miss.

2. Jaffa Cake 🍊 - A Luxurious Ode to Halloween

Halloween simply wouldn't be complete without our Jaffa Cake special. Picture a luxurious biscuit base gelato, harmonising flawlessly with a sweet and zesty orange ripple. This delightful combination is lovingly embraced by delicate Stracciatella. It's a taste of pure delight that captures the very spirit of the season. Satisfy your sweet cravings with this spooktacular treat!

3. Witches Cookie 🍪 - A Flavourful Concoction for the Brave

For those daring souls ready to tread the path of flavour magic, our Witches Cookie gelato awaits. Here, Biscotto gelato is enchantingly rippled with the same "Queen of Apples" apple and cinnamon variegate from Campania, Italy. But there's more to this spellbinding creation—a cloak of frollini biscotti and vaniglia cream drapes it, making it a truly bewitching choice for the season.

But that's not all. These captivating Halloween flavours, alongside many more, are not limited to just our flagship store in Milton Keynes. We're thrilled to announce that they're also available through our dedicated wholesale service. This means you can bring the enchantment of Giovanni's Gelato to your own business or event. Contact our dedicated wholesale team here to explore the possibilities of adding these extraordinary flavours to your offerings.

These Halloween-themed gelato creations will only be available for a limited time, until 31st October 2023. So whether you're in Milton Keynes or considering our wholesale service, don't miss the opportunity to embrace the flavours of the season.



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