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Indulge in Decadence: New Freda's Peanut Butter Flavour - A Symphony of Rich Chocolate & Vanilla P&B

Luxury Vegan Waffle Gelato cones from Giovanni's

We're excited to introduce a mouthwatering addition to our gelato family - the Freda's Peanut Butter Flavour, a delectable blend of Rich Chocolate & Vanilla P&B. This tantalising collaboration showcases the harmonious marriage of flavours, taking your taste buds on a journey of pure indulgence.

Unveiling the Flavour Symphony

Freda’s chocolate is not just chocolate; it's an experience. Sourced from the finest cocoa beans, it boasts a depth of flavour that lingers, leaving a satisfyingly sweet memory. The Vanilla is a celebration of the classic pairing of peanut butter and vanilla the peanuts are transformed into a luscious, nutty swirl that intertwines with the creaminess of pure Madagascar vanilla. It's a symphony of textures and tastes that dance on your palate.

Locally Sourced Ingredients and Sustainability

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability. The peanuts from Freda's Peanut Butter Flavour are locally sourced, ensuring freshness and supporting our community. We believe in the farm-to-table philosophy, and this commitment shines through in every scoop of our gelato.

Crafted with Care: Handcrafted Gelato at Its Finest

Our gelato is not just a dessert; it's a labour of love. Each batch is meticulously crafted using artisanal production methods, embracing small-batch and traditional techniques. The Freda's Peanut Butter Flavour is no exception - it's the result of a careful process where quality and flavour are paramount.

Local Partnerships for a Culinary Masterpiece

We believe in the power of collaboration. Our partnership with local producers ensures that every ingredient in our gelato is of the highest quality. It's a testament to the rich tapestry of flavours that our community has to offer, and we're thrilled to showcase these partnerships in our Freda's Peanut Butter Flavour.

Available at Our Milton Keynes Store and Wholesale Service

Indulge in the decadence of Freda's Peanut Butter Flavour at our Milton Keynes store. The magic doesn't end there - we're also delighted to offer this exquisite flavour through our wholesale service. Whether you're a restaurant, café, or retailer, bring the magic of this collaboration to your customers.

The Freda's Peanut Butter Flavour is more than just gelato; it's an invitation to savour the richness of local ingredients, embrace sustainability, and experience the artistry of handcrafted gelato. Join us in celebrating flavour, community, and culinary excellence.

Visit our Milton Keynes store or contact us for wholesale enquiries. Your indulgent gelato experience awaits!

Giovanni’s Gelato - Crafting Culinary Dreams, One Scoop at a Time!



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