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For over 25 years, Great Taste has been recognising the craftsmanship of Britain’s artisan food producers with their distinctive black and gold stars. The quality of entries is judged by the most demanding palates belonging to food critics, chefs, restaurateurs, buyers and other experts in the fine food industry. This year’s Great Taste awards saw over 500 judges including; chefs, cooks, restaurateurs and producers, as well as food writers and journalists, blind-tasting over 14,205 entries products to decide the very best food and drink products on offer. This year we entered three products that our team believed would stand a chance of winning and they did just that!.. Our Biscotto Speculoos Gelato, won 3 stars and this is what some of the judges had to say...

"This handmade gelato delivers on all levels. There is a delightful hint of caramel on the nose which comes through in every mouthful of this rich, creamy gelato. We loved the texture with the layer of biscuit that was both crunchy and soft in the mouth. A great product."

"Good-looking with appealing biscuit flecks. Excellent creamy texture and pleasing mouthfeel. The malty, toasted biscuit flavour (and aroma) is front and centre and only enhanced by the gentle sweetness. Excellent balance and depth of flavour, not cloying and very moreish. Stunning."

Next up was our Zabaione al Marsala Gelato. This product paid homage to our Sicilian roots, layered with a crunchy almond variegate soaked in a 5 year old Dominican rum. Made with eggs and marsala wine from Trapani, Sicily and was awarded 3 stars. The judges said this about their experience..

"Creamy and gorgeous, this gelato has the perfect level of rich and warming rum, with the crunch of the almonds cutting through and adding texture and nuttiness. Different and unique and something very special."

"An incredible ice cream, adult and full of complexity. The flavour is constantly evolving, the alcohol is prominent but not overpowering. The balance is just perfect. Simply astounding."

"Smooth and velvety with a light texture. Good quality ingredients/inclusions. The contrasting creamy and crunchy textures are delightful - and not easy to accomplish! Nicely made."

Last but not least our Cioccolato al Rhum Gelato, our handmade Sicilian dark chocolate gelato, layered with a crunchy almond variegate, rum gelato with crispy almonds made with 5 year aged Dominican rum. Finished with a chocolate mirror glaze. This was awarded 2 stars and this was the judges comments..

"This decadent looking ice cream is intriguing to look at. The glossy mirror glaze is properly shiny and the swirls make you want to dive in. The flavour is instantly dominated by rum and then the velvety chocolate kicks in. The texture of the chocolate mirror glaze accompanied with the gelato is lovely. The crunch of the crispy almonds adds another layer of wow. This is an impressive gelato."

"We thought this was a really well-crafted gelato, super indulgent and creamy and the use of an intense rum was a bold move but one to impress fans of this spirit. It could have almost been too much but for the great textural contrast of the crunchy almonds. It's a very grown-up ice cream that will have an appreciative market. Well done."

Carmelo Gristina, CEO, explains: “We are incredibly honoured to be awarded the prestigious two and three star award this year. We have been working very hard behind the scenes to create flavours that would be worthy of 3 stars and i'm delighted that we did just that. My team and I are grateful for the recognition as producers of an outstanding product. To add yet another Great Taste Award seal to our menu means a lot to us and we'll be rolling this out now only had our flagship in MK but also to our wholesale partners.”

To find out how you can start stocking Giovanni's award winning gelato at your establishment, simply call 01582 240404 or email and a member of our team will be in touch.

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