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Giovanni's Gelato Great Taste Awards – What Do the Stars Mean?

Luxury Vegan Waffle Gelato cones from Giovanni's

Discover the Sweet Journey of Taste Excellence

Dear Gelato Enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you - Giovanni's Gelato® has been honoured with the prestigious Great Taste Awards!

But what exactly do these stars signify, and what makes them so special? Allow us to take you on a delightful journey to unravel the secrets behind the Great Taste Awards and their significance for Giovanni's Gelato.

1. Great Taste Awards - A Coveted Accolade

The Great Taste Awards, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, are among the most respected and recognised food and drink awards globally. Since their inception in 1994, the awards have been dedicated to celebrating exceptional food and beverages from across the world. They are often referred to as the "Oscars" of the food industry.

2. Blind Tasting by Expert Judges

One of the key aspects that sets the Great Taste Awards apart is their rigorous judging process. All entries are blind tasted by panels of carefully selected food and drink experts, including chefs, restaurateurs, food critics, producers, and other industry professionals. This anonymity ensures a fair and unbiased evaluation of each product's taste and quality.

3. The Star Rating System

The Great Taste Awards utilise a simple yet meaningful star rating system to recognise exceptional products. The judges award each entry with stars based on their taste performance:

🌟 One Star: Represents products with a "simply delicious" taste.

🌟🌟 Two Stars: Signifies products with a "remarkable" taste that stands out.

🌟🌟🌟 Three Stars: Reserved for products with "exquisite" flavours that are truly exceptional.

4. The Taste Journey of Giovanni's Gelato

Giovanni's Gelato is immensely proud to have been awarded not just one, but three coveted stars by the Great Taste Awards! This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to crafting the finest artisanal gelato.

Our gelato artisans meticulously source the freshest and highest quality ingredients to create a symphony of flavours that delight the taste buds. From luscious fruit blends to rich chocolate indulgence, each scoop of Giovanni's Gelato represents a labour of love and dedication to the art of gelato-making.

5. Sharing the Sweetness with You

To celebrate this tremendous achievement, we invite you to visit our gelato parlour and savour the award-winning flavours that have captured the hearts of the Great Taste Awards judges. Every spoonful is a culmination of passion, craftsmanship, and the pursuit of taste excellence.

Stay tuned HERE as we continue to innovate and introduce new tantalising flavours to our gelato collection, always striving to exceed your expectations and maintain the highest standards of taste and quality.

Thank you for your unwavering support on our sweet journey to success!

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