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Embracing Community: A Gelato Experience with Lucy Milton Keynes Blogger

Luxury Vegan Waffle Gelato cones from Giovanni's

We're not just about serving up delicious frozen treats; we're all about building a vibrant community around our passion for gelato. Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting Lucy Milton Keynes Blogger at our award-winning pick truck for our highly-anticipated Easter Reveal Flavour event. Lucy's visit left us buzzing with excitement and gratitude her feedback truly captured the essence of our gelato experience.

Lucy shared her thoughts on our latest creation, saying, "Thank you for having myself and my son. I didn't think anything would surpass the Red Velvet Gelato, but if I closed my eyes, I would have thought I was actually eating a torta. The showcase cabinet looks fantastic."

Her words reflect the dedication and creativity we pour into each batch of gelato, aiming not only to satisfy taste buds but to evoke memories and transport our customers to new culinary heights. Lucy's appreciation for our Easter Reveal Flavour reaffirmed our commitment to innovation and quality.

Excited to read Lucy's full story? Stay tuned for her upcoming blog post where she dives deeper into her gelato experience and shares exclusive insights into our Easter Reveal Flavour event.

Are you an influencer or blogger who shares our passion for creating memorable experiences and fostering community connections? We'd love to collaborate with you! Reach out to us via our typeform to explore exciting partnership opportunities and join us in spreading the joy of gelato far and wide.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of community and culinary adventure at Giovanni's Gelato. Together, let's indulge in the sweet moments that make life truly delicious.



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