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Savour the Decadence: Introducing Our Irresistible Crème Brûlée Gelato

Luxury Vegan Waffle Gelato cones from Giovanni's

Indulgence meets innovation at Giovanni's Gelato, where we're constantly striving to push the boundaries of flavour. And today, we're thrilled to introduce you to a true masterpiece that's taking the gelato world by storm – our delectable Crème Brûlée Gelato.

When it comes to gelato, we believe in offering our customers nothing but the best. Our Crème Brûlée Gelato is a testament to that commitment. This delightful creation perfectly captures the essence of the classic French dessert, blending rich, creamy custard with the satisfying crackle of caramelised sugar.

The Flavour Experience:

Imagine taking a spoonful of this velvety, golden-hued gelato, and as it touches your taste buds, you're transported to a cosy Parisian cafe. The creamy custard base is impeccably smooth, infused with just the right balance of vanilla, lending it a warm and inviting aroma.

But what truly sets our Crème Brûlée Gelato apart is the irresistible caramelised sugar swirl. It's the hallmark of this divine dessert, offering a satisfying contrast to the creaminess. With every bite, you'll experience the blissful moment when your spoon breaks through the crispy, sweet caramel layer to meet the luscious custard beneath.

Available through Our Wholesale Service:

Good news for all the gelato aficionados out there – our Crème Brûlée Gelato is now available through our wholesale service. Whether you're a restaurant owner, cafe operator, or gelato parlour manager, you can bring this exquisite flavour to your own establishment and enchant your customers with its divine taste.

Our commitment to quality extends to our wholesale offerings, ensuring that you receive the same exceptional product that has made Giovanni's Gelato a beloved name in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about how you can feature our Crème Brûlée Gelato in your menu.

Available In-Store:

Of course, for those who prefer to savour the magic of our Crème Brûlée Gelato in our warm and inviting gelato parlour, we're pleased to announce that it's now part of our in-store menu. Visit our flagship store in Milton Keynes to experience the blissful taste of Crème Brûlée Gelato. Our expert gelato artisans will serve you a generous scoop or two, ensuring that every visit is a delightful experience.

At Giovanni's Gelato, we're proud to create gelato that's more than just a dessert – it's an experience. Our Crème Brûlée Gelato is a testament to our dedication to crafting flavours that leave an unforgettable impression.

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