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Let me tell you...

In 1961 my grandfather, Pippo Fazio, left Messina where he was born to reach Catanzaro. Here he opened his pastry shop, called  "La Siciliana". 

He was very successful and won numerous awards, thanks to his great research in taste and creativity.

None of this would have been possible without his wife, Domenica, know by everyone as Mimma.

Thanks to him I grew up in a cooking laboratory, in the midst of flour, sugar, magic and a lot of passion for this job..


Now I have come here to England to export our family tradition abroad. To prove that certain arts, passion and love never die...



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Of Authentic...

Once I arrived in England with my partner Vanessa I started my journey working in different

locations across Hertfordshire and London.


I then met Carmelo who introduced me to his great company Giovanni's Gelato, working in his kitchen and understanding the art of gelato.


It was here where our friendship became stronger and stronger. From our true Sicilian background Carmelo and I began discussing the idea of venturing into opening the pasticceria arm of the business.


Our passion for bringing true authentic Italian & Sicilian pastry became a reality, so here we are ready to share joy and sweet memories of Italian pasticceria that we both grew up loving. We hope that you will love our products as much as we love creating them!




personalised cake...

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Now suppling to...

Our CEO Carmelo Gristina & Giovanni De Marco are now delighted to introduce Giovanni’s Pasticceria Italiana to both the wholesale and retail industry.

Our range of Italian Pasticceria consists of the classic Sicilian cannolo made with fresh ricotta or filled with a choice of Sicilian pistacchio cream, nocciola or chocolate cream. Our profiteroles are filled with a fresh light cream and topped with chocolate hazelnut glaze.


We also create a selection of handmade fruit tarts filled with crema pasticcera (Italian pastry cream) and luxurious semi freddo cakes, rum babà, tiramisu and plus much much more!


For more information on how we can supply your business please fill in the form via the 'make enquiry' link to receive our price list and a member of our wholesale team

will be in touch within 48 hours. For all retail orders please visit the online shop.

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